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Git Pull Request for Specific Commits
  • Sep 10, 2022
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Using cherry-pick to select specific commits for your Pull Request.

1. Create a new branch based on the target of the Pull Request

git branch cherry-branch origin/master

2. Switch to a new branch

git checkout cherry-branch

3. Verify if you are in the new branch

git branch

4. Cherry-pick

Use git cherry-pick to pick up the commits into the new branch which is the branch that you are in now

Note: COMMIT-ID can be found in that commit page in Azure DevOps or GitHub. Copy the ID and paste it here:

git cherry-pick COMMIT-ID

5. Resolve Conflicts

If there is any conflict, resolve and merge all differences in VS Code or Visual Studio.

6. Continue to use cherry-pick if more commits are needed

git cherry-pick --continue
git cherry-pick COMMIT-ID

7. Push the new branch

git push origin cherry-branch

8. Create a Pull Request

You can now create a Pull Request from the new branch to the target branch. It will only pick up the commits your selected previously.

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